Technical requirements

Information about NetID.

NetID is used as a certificate reader until v.7 2024, when the product will be replaced by SAC minidriver which is part of SITHS eID for Windows 2.1. You can find more information about SITHS eID under the SITHS eID tab.

Smart card management and certificates when logging in with cards require the following:

The program NetiD according to Region Uppsala's standard version (v6.9.0.16) and packaging (LUL1901) is a requirement for this service.
NetiD must be installed before using the service for the first time with card if Net iD is missing on the computer.
There is another approved package (SITHS 2301) for manual installation on a "local" terminal server.

Example of card reader:
• Gemalto IDBridge CT30/PC Twin USB Smart Card Reader
• Dell Smartcard USB Keyboard article number: 580-13018